Welcome to AIT International

AIT International- "AIT INT'L" is an English language general entertainment channel showing predominantly News, Sports, Current Affairs, Movies, Dramas and soap programmes of African origin.

The channel is currently in the General Entertainment genre of the Electronic Programming Guide of SKY Television Channel 183 and it is encrypted. To watch AIT Int'l you will need to subscribe by following the link titled subscribe.

AIT international features the next generation of entertainment with an innovative, diverse mix of programming and cutting edge production values that appeal to urban, upwardly mobile audiences. It brings audiences the best and biggest Nollywood blockbusters.

With one of the largest African film libraries in the world, AIT INT’L offers a wide variety of films for the entire family, showcasing Nollywood’s most legendary stars and filmmakers.

AIT International is one of the largest providers of great entertainment to diverse audiences across the Europe and Africa. Its appeal reaches across the culturally divided audience, from the younger generation, through to the more mature viewing audiences. AIT International is seen as a broad information channel to the changes going on in Africa.

It provides "safe family viewing and empowering communities". This ensures safe and captivating family viewing, as well as targeted output, for the urban, cosmopolitan and multi-cultural community.