Details of Spot Advertising, Ratecard, Copy details, Airtime General Terms & Conditions.

Welcome to DAAR Communications Plc. The purpose of this site is to act as an information resource for the public, as well as the advertising community.

Our viewers, across all platforms, are capable of receiving AIT transmissions. And within any given week, well over 60 million of them choose to do precisely that.

AIT is available on satellite, the fastest-growing platform of all.

All broadcasters must adapt to the impact of new technology and DAAR Communications is at the forefront of such developments. We offer a range of methods to communicate with potential customers via traditional spot advertising, broadcast sponsorship, On-line and live events.

AIT International gives an added value to you:

  • A channel that has withstood the terrain of media challenges in Europe and Africa.
  • A channel that opens the door to many others coming into the media industry and taking clues.
  • A unique marketing and strategic opportunity to reach out with product and services targeting consumers from the Ethnic, African and Caribbean community.
  • A channel that gives your organisation a free hand to work with us on your own choice and mechanism to reach your target.

To learn more about how to benefit from the success story that is DAAR group, please read on...

Spot Advertising

Television is a high-impact medium. It offers immediacy, mass coverage, flexibility, impact, colour, movement and, crucially, spot-by-spot accountability. In short, television enables an advertiser’s message to reach his chosen target audience in an impactful but cost-efficient way. Find out how to get your brand on AIT International here. For spot advertising please contact marketing@ait-tv.com


The ratecard as seen in the PDF download available from this page is the primary source of the advertising trading terms and conditions. It covers the advanced booking deadlines and cancellation terms along with time-length factors and is effective from 01 Jan 2012.

Copy’s details

AIT International

We accept advert copy in MINI DV format only.

By Hand:

  • The quickest and most straight-forward method of delivery to AIT International is by hand via Broadcast Centre Reception.
  • Packages should be prominently labelled with the commercial name (for instance "AIT International - Pantene") and addressed to: Marketing Manager, 7 Chapel Drive, Arlesey, Bedfordshire, SG15 6PB

Delivery by road: Ad hoc couriers

  • Courier packages should be prominently labelled with the commercial name (for instance "AIT International - Daily Express") and addressed to: Marketing Manager 7 Chapel Drive, Arlesey, Bedfordshire, SG15 6PB, United Kingdom or DAAR GROUP, Marketing Team, T.Y. Danjuma crescent, Kpaduma Hill, Asokoro, Abuja, Nigeria

Any copy instructions for DAAR group should be emailed to the Marketing Department at marketing@ait-tv.com

Airtime General Terms & Conditions

If you're buying airtime on AIT International or one of our digital channels then you can download our airtime terms and conditions by clicking here.